Super Bowl Worthy Cabernets

Here in the Napa Valley, we save our best for the Big Game, loading our tables and our wine glasses with bold flavors that capture the energy and excitement of America’s favorite game, The Super Bowl. Only the best play on this day, and only the best make the cut for our choice of wine: world-class Cabernet Sauvignon from Frank Family.

Features lush and refined flavors of blackberry, black cherry, ripe plum, and subtle licorice. This is a well-balanced wine and will develop attractively over time.

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A soft and supple wine with currant and blackberries at its core. A mix of cinnamon and dark chocolate play well against its savory components of dried herb and dusty earth.

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Featuring renowned mountain characteristics of earthiness and heightened minerality as well as dark fruit flavors of blueberry, ripe red cherry, and wild berry

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Brawny, substantial and complex, this wine offers dusty dried herb, sage, and smooth tannin. Cedar, red currant, and plum enhance the palate, finding balance and a bright lift of acidity. 

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